Saturday, 30 May 2015

Caricatures at Ross Priory

Yesterday I was hired by Amy and Greg to attend their wedding reception at beautiful Ross Priory in Alexandria to caricature their guests in the afternoon.

Here's Amy and Greg's wedding caricature 'guest signing board' which was also on display at the wedding reception. It's a service I offer which is basically a fun alternative to a traditional 'wedding guest' book....the guests sign the mount around the caricature which the newlyweds can then frame and hang in their home. The caricatures can be in colour, black & white or in my simple 'live style' - the first one being the choice of Amy & Greg pictured here.

Here's a closer look at the artwork...

And here's a couple of pics of guests I managed to grab just before my time was up. Thanks to everyone for all the laughs and great comments about my work....really fun job!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Caricatures at the Cruin

Lovely crowd at the Cruin last night at Loch Lomond at Lindsay and Jasper's wedding. Lots of laughs and great reactions to my caricatures....thanks to everyone who sat for me and for the great comments about my work. Here's a few photos I managed to grab...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wedding Guest Signing Board

Here's a photo of Allison and Ryan's wedding caricature 'guest signing board' which they commissioned from me when they tied the knot back in April. It's a service I offer which is basically a fun alternative to a traditional 'wedding guest' book....the guests sign the mount around the caricature which the newlyweds can then frame and hang in their home. The caricatures can be in colour, black & white or in my simple 'live style'.

Most traditional ordinary wedding guest books get looked at only a couple of times on average after a wedding day, then get shoved away in a drawer and forgotten about. However - having a unique, fun caricature of the Bride and Groom; with the messages on display on a wall for all to see, is a great way for couples to remember their special day along with all their messages of love and goodwill - therefore I think these are a bit more special! Many thanks to Allison for sending me this photo. Ain't love grand? : )

Monday, 18 May 2015

A Last Minute Job....

Here's a very short notice wedding gift caricature in my 'live style', for a couple who tied the knot on Saturday. This was created on the Thursday and dispatched in the post the same day. Thanks to Steve for the commission and for the following kind words via email....

"Hi Edd,

Thank you so much, the caricature is ACE!! Really happy with it. My girlfriend has received it in the post just in time for the wedding which is today! Thanks for doing it so quickly, I really appreciate it! I'm sure they will love it!

Thanks again -

Then today I received this email from Steve....

"Happy to tell you they loved it!! I asked if they minded opening it when the evening do had kicked off, so they did and they think its ace. He was showing it round to other people at the wedding like a chuffed school kid.

Thanks again!
- Steve"

If you need a gift caricature for someone at short notice, please don't be afraid to ask! I'm generally always busy with commission work, but will always try to accommodate tight deadlines for you if I can. Check out my website for more info and prices: - Thanks! : )

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Laura and David

A 'live style' caricature commission of Laura and David who tied the knot back in March. I was hired to caricature their guests at the wedding reception, however the newlyweds didn't have the time to sit for me on the day, therefore this was created from photographs after the event...

Monday, 11 May 2015

Cheryl and Gary

A 'live style' caricature commission of Cheryl and Gary who tied the knot earlier this year. The couple had hired me to caricature the guests at their wedding reception but didn't manage to get drawn on the night themselves, so this piece was created later from photos. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nicola Sturgeon

Happy voting day everyone! Here's a new caricature I drew this week of Scotland's First Minister, the 'Surgin' Sturgeon'; who's SNP party have become overwhelmingly popular and massive here in Scotland....and no wonder - I mean, have you heard the other lot?! People want change. Let's hope it happens. I hope you like it.......feel free to like, comment or share! : )

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Charlene and Barry

A recent caricature commission in my 'live style' for Charlene and Barry who also hired me to draw guests at their wedding...
"Thanks Edd, the caricature is great! Thank you again for your amazing work at our wedding, you really helped make our day most enjoyable and I will recommend you to others. Kind Regards,
Charlene and Barry"

Friday, 1 May 2015

So Long, Mago...

A little tribute - in the only way I know how - to my mother in law Margaret who sadly passed away on the 11th of April last month. It's been a really sad time for my family recently, hence the lack of posts here on the blog. Margaret was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January this year and we lost her in April. A really rapid decline and quite frightening to witness. Just goes to show how fragile we all are and you never know what's around the corner. We're really going to miss 'Wee Mago'....she was an absolute rock in our family and we all loved her dearly.

The funeral took place in St Flannan's Church in Kirkintilloch where Margaret went to weekly Sunday mass pretty much all of her adult life. My wife Irene penned a few words about her mammy which she read out at the service. A tough thing to do, but she did the family proud. I've copied the words below as I think it's important to have them documented....

"Margaret O'Donnell was born in Croy on the 6th July 1936, she was the youngest daughter of a close knit Catholic family.  Mum was really close to her siblings, Mary, Cathy, Eddie, Annie and Rose and had a normal, happy childhood.  She left school and one of her first jobs was on the buses as a conductress, it was while working that she met my dad Brian, he asked her out and they began courting and fell in love.  Times were hard, but they lasted, even though my Dad was sent down south and abroad as part of his national service.  The family recently uncovered a love letter that my dad wrote to my mum while he was in Coventry and there was not a dry in the house. Everyone was in tears.  They married in 1958 and went onto have us six children, Eddie, Marie, Ann, Brian, Elaine and me. Like everyone else, their marriage wasn't perfect, but the house that we grew up in was full of noise, laughter, arguments and love... and we certainly knew how to throw a party.  

When my Dad passed away in 1992 my Mum was devastated, as you would be when you have lost the love of your life.  It was as though she had lost part of herself and it took a few years for my Mum to emerge as her own person, but she coped by having a strong faith and surrounding herself with family and amazing friends, she always said that she wouldn't have been able to get through it if it were not for her friends, especially my Auntie Cathy, Mary Dickens, May and Wullie, Marcella and Auntie Ray.  

As the years went by after the passing of my Dad my Mum kept herself busy, she volunteered at the credit union, took up bowling for a while, but what she enjoyed and kept her going apart from her strong faith was having a laugh with her friends at the bingo, going on holiday and looking after her grandchildren.  I for one would not have been able to raise my children the way I wanted to without her support and help, she was always willing to help out and never complained, her catchphrase was "no problem" to anything I asked, even if she had something planned, she would change it as she loved her family more than anything.  

My Mum was a bit of an introvert and didn't say two words when one would do, she was strong, stubborn and fiercely independent.  Mum enjoyed a laugh and was a loyal friend, my Mum taught us strong values and the importance of family, faith, hard work, kindness, generosity, humour and love. My Mum died last Saturday at 1:05 am, she was in no pain and surrounded by all of her children.  We are comforted by the knowledge that she will now be up in heaven with my Dad and her friends and she will be at peace.  I know she will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved her.

A light has gone out; without so much as a flicker, and all we have left; is the precious memory of how brightly it burned; and the warmth it gave us. Love you Mum. XXX"

So long then Mago. We miss you, we love you and we always will. Thanks for everything. Rest in peace.