Monday, 31 December 2012

My Review of 2012

As the year draws to a close, I take a look back at the last 12 months and reflect on the ups and downs. 2012 has been a very busy year for me and I have a lot to be grateful for!

I have caricatured people at 56 events this year and have clocked up a fair few miles travelling about to them in the process! As well as drawing in places all over Scotland, I also headed south to England in the spring to draw at the Commercial Vehicle Show at Birmingham's NEC, then in May I was back down to Peterborough to draw at 'Truckfest' (ten four, good buddies!). Pleased to report my caricatures were very well received by the 'Englanders' and all the gigs I have attended this year have been a lot of fun.

Other events I have drawn at have included: birthday parties, corporate events, a charity 'Come Dine With Me' do, golfing events, kids fun days, fresher's fayres, an RAF do and one Barmitzvah!
I've also attended 26 weddings this year which are always a joy to work at. I find guests are always up for caricatures at weddings and for me, it's great to be part of the celebrations.

As well as 'putting the skills on show' at events, I have been kept busy at home producing wedding stationery and commissioned gift caricatures drawn from photographs. Caricatures make ideal, fun, unique, memorable gifts for people for any special occasion or event. I began doing gift caricatures drawn in my simple 'live style' which have also proved to be very popular with people who need a gift caricature, but don't want to spend a fortune!

Other highlights this year have included my caricature of Ricky Tomlinson being used to promote his cheeky festive single, 'Christmas My Arse!'  I was delighted to be involved in the project despite the limited success of the single! Ricky rules in my book...but he was beaten to the Christmas number 1 spot by a worthy winner  - The Hillsborough Justice record - I'm sure you'll agree! A good one for my CV anyway...!

Another celebrity caricature of mine was used on a TV programme this year without my permission or consent. I challenged the programme makers about it as this was clearly copyright infringement. Without going into too much detail, I was awarded a 4 figure sum as a compensation settlement from the TV company along with their sincere apologies. The moral of the story? Always copyright EVERYTHING that you put on't t'internet.....take note all you artists / photographers out there...!

And talking of artists, another highlight for me this year was to become friends with Mike Giblin - caricaturist from Newcastle in England, and, without any hyperbole, one of the very best in the business. We've exchanged emails and the odd commissioned job which has been nice. I have admired Mike's work for years, but I was stunned when we first communicated when he told me he was a "big fan" of my stuff! High praise indeed...that was a huge compliment for me!
I was also delighted to receive some 'endorsements' for my artwork via the Linkedin network from Rodney of Americas finest digital caricaturists this year. Again, my 'flabber' was 'gasted' to receive praise from another artist whose work I really admire. I must be doing something right then...! If you love caricatures then I would urge you to check out Mike and Rodney's work. Awesome stuff, folks!

Nearer to home, this year I have also had the pleasure of teaming up with 'hardy perennial Glasgow caricaturists' Derek Gray and Tony Docherty to draw at a few events with. Always fun to catch up with them. We all share a similar background and have some interesting stories to tell!

This year I also started my Blog and Facebook page which I continue to enjoy posting content on and receiving feedback about. Thanks to everyone for the 'likes' and support and kind words. I look forward to sharing more new work with you in the New Year!

On a personal note, 2012 also saw my gorgeous wife Irene and I celebrate 20 years together (I asked her to be my girlfriend back in 1992 and we later got married in 2003)! I know, I get less time for murder these days, but it is quite a milestone. She deserves a medal ( and to be Sectioned under the Mental Health Act) for puting up with me! Our 2 beautiful Kids, Tommy and Evie are happy and healthy and Maisie the dog turned 10 this year, but is still going strong!

I wish you and yours a happy and healthy and prosperous New Year! Thanks for checking in
I wonder what 2013 will bring us? Onward....!.


Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Heading off down to Kelso later today, to spread some Christmas cheer and draw caricatures of guests at the Roxburghe Hotel! Looking forward to it, but I hope I don't get swept away by all the rain....Ideally, I really need a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer...that's the way to travel at this time of year! Hope I make it. Also, I'd like to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone I've done business with this year, everyone I have drawn, my Facebook friends and all those who have kindly taken the time to give me great feed back about my work! I hope hope Santa is good to you and yours and you all have a cracking time. Happy holidays everyone! All the best, love from Edd xx

"It's nearly freakin' Christmas!"
Above: Photo of my son, Tommy which I've mocked up in a kitsch, Christmassy 1960's vibe...Enjoy!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Happy Birthday Keith Richards!

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Edd's Heads: Keith Richards

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Born on this day in 1943.....or was that 1843...?
Anyway, happy birthday Keef!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Great Feedback!

I've been chained to my drawing board recently, creating Christmas gift caricatures, commissioned for people all over the country. This morning I received this great email:

"Dear Edd,
Thrilled and delighted! Can hardly describe how pleased I am with the amazing artwork which arrived in good order this pm. I love it and I know Denis will as well! I will tell everyone and anyone of your talent and ...
wonderful work!
Many, many thanks Edd...all good wishes to you and yours for Christmas and continued success in the future.
All the best Kate x"

I'm always really happy when people have great reactions to my work...It's a real buzz! I will post pictures of my work soon, after the big day. In the meantime though, it's back to the drawing board. Literally!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Wedding Invitation - Start to Finish

Thought I'd take you throught the process of producing a caricature to be used as wedding stationery for a couple who are tying the knot. This is Susan and Johnny. I've known Susan since we were teenagers (many moons ago now!) and we used to work together part time stacking shelves in a Spar store when we were both still at school. The 'glamour', eh? Anyway, it was kind of her to look me up again years later and commission me to do a caricature of her and her partner for their wedding stationery. This is what the final piece looked like...Click to enlarge any image.
 To begin with, the client will email me some photos of the people to be drawn along with some ideas of how they'd like to be depicted in the picture along with details about clothing, pets, visual 'props', etc, to be included. Susan and Johnny sent me a fair few pics to work from, but I'm just posting a couple of them both together here, to give you a general idea of their looks...
 The next stage is for me to begin sketching caricature likenesses from the photos provided. I'll maybe do 2 or 3 sketches which I 'tweak around with' until I am happy with what I've got. As the work will be used on the wedding stationery, the intention is to produce purely 'fun' caricatures...and stay away from creating anything which may look 'offensive' or 'cruel'...! The roughs are then emailed to the client for approval before I go to the 'inking' stage.

Once the 'face roughs' are approved, I first of all I draw the heads along with the bodies in pose and clothing / props as suggested by the client, then ink this in with black ink pens, so we have a clean, black and white drawing of the couple together. The couple wanted me to include their 2 pet cats and Johnny with a sax as he is a musician. They also requested a pigeon flying past with a ribbon with their names and wedding date emblazoned on it - a nice little personal touch! They also provided details about what clothing to depict them in, which also makes the work more personal to the clients.

Once the linework is done, I then finally colour the piece. I colour all my work by hand in the traditional way. I use a mixed media of colour pencils, pro-markers, water colours and acrylics. I never colour or create work digitally via Photoshop, etc, simply because I've haven't learned how to do so...yet! Johnny and Susan opted for a simple, plain white back ground, which I think works just as well as, (and can sometimes have more of a 'visual impact' than) a background cluttered with lots of visual 'props' and references. This is a simple caricature of both of them, but I feel it works really well and I was happy with how it turned out.
The finished colour artwork is then scanned on to a disc for printing purposes and given to the printers / designers who add text to the work and then print up the wedding stationery. This is as far as my involvement goes on the project. I just concern myself with producing the 'artwork only' for the clients. I am a caricaturist, not a graphic designer, so I leave all the text and font choosing, etc, to those guys...There are infinite possibilities when it comes to adding texts / fonts, etc, which can take up a lot of time, therefore I'm happy to pass this task on.
So, finally, the text is added, the stationery is printed up and the job is done!

Once the job was done, I received the following great feedback from Susan and Johnny...

"Hi Edd

Johnny and I would like to say how delighted we are with the artwork and also with the whole process from the draft to the final drawing. You were very professional and the artwork managed to capture not only the essence of us but our cats as well! it is fantastic! We also received loads of great feedback from family and friends about the invites. We wanted to have very personal invitations and you helped to make that happen! Thank you so much." - Susan & Johnny xx

So there we have it. Personalised wedding stationery. Why not commission me to caricature you for your wedding, party or special event? Email me at:

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Recent Gift Caricature...

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Here's another recent gift caricature. The couple wanted to be depicted as characters from their favourite video game 'League of Legends'...(nope, me neither!)...along with their favourite car which is a camaro ss. A fun job to do! I bet that other, more purile people out there would now make a kind of crude comment about "A nice set of headlamps!"...or... "A racey looking chasis there!"...or... "Lovely bit of bodywork!", etc...but I'd never do that, as I am far too mature. What.....?
Gift caricatures are brilliant gifts to give your loved ones, family and friends!
Commission yours from me today. Please email:
Be sociable and share!  

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wedding Invitation Caricature

A recent Wedding Invitation caricature...
Click to enlarge
Why not personalise your wedding, party or event stationary with a fun caricature!
Please email me at to discuss your ideas.

'Christmas My Arse!' By Ricky Tomlinson

On a festive note, Ricky Tomlinson's catchy Christmas single was released on Saturday and I hope you'll all be downloading it! My caricature of him is being used with the online promotion of 'Christmas My Arse!' as you'll probably now know. Check out the video here....and let's get Ricky to the top of the charts! "X Factor My Arse...!"

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>See more

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Fare Caricatures

I will be drawing caricatures for visitors at the Mugdock Country Park Christmas Fayre this year on Sunday December 2nd, 12.30 till 3pm.

If it’s gift hunting you’re after, or that ever important stocking filler, why not visit our arts and crafts stalls; enjoy the flavour of hot roasted chestnuts; mulled wine and festive nibbles whilst the youngsters are busy building bird boxes, playing on the fairground rides, bouncy castle or face painting. Enjoy the spectacle of 100s of Santas taking part in the 5k dash. Meet Sally Magnusson at the Christmas Light Switch-on and meet her hero Horace. (Special 15% discount within the Stables Gift Shop over the festive weekend.

No booking required, no entrance fee, no charge for parking, just come along and join in the fun! Ho-ho-hope to see you there!