Wednesday, 23 May 2012

'Star Wars' Themed Gift Caricature

This was a fun job to do!

(Click to enlarge...or if you're a Jedi already, just use the force..)

A commissioned gift caricature for a students' 21st birthday. He's into 'Star Wars', 'South Park' and 'King of the Hill' so I incorporated some characters into the background. It's loosely inspired by the original Star Wars movie poster from back in the day.

Caricatures make unique, memorable fun gifts for any special occasion or event! Email me and commission yours today!

Special thanks to Stephen for the job.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Happy Birthday Morrissey!

Edd's Heads: Morrissey

Born 22nd May 1959. Anyone who knows me, will tell you I am a massive fan of Morrissey and The Smiths. I have been since my early teens and I now find myself almost aged 40, so yep, I'm a die-hard old fan! In my humble opinion, The Smiths were the greatest band who ever walked the earth. They were completely original in every way. The songs were just so amazing... Morrissey's lyrics: archly articulate; intelligent, vicious, hilarious, honest, controversial, heartbreaking, powerful and poetic coupled with the most exciting,  jubilant, beautiful, melancholic, shimmering, magical guitar playing from his young, genius song writing partner, Johnny Marr....they were awesome! Total genius. Definitely the 'Beatles' of my generation.

I kind of got into The Smiths via my big sister's record collection back in the day, but then became completely obsessed with them in a much more 'involved' way, (Not like a crazy 'Mark Chapman' type fan, I have to add!) I also was into punk, ska, Northern Soul, rockabilly, indie music and other stuff in general, but The Smiths remain my favourite band of all time. It's a cliche, but the band did change my life. I had all the records & CD's, books, posters all over my bedroom walls, t-shirts, clothing, became a veggie ( firstly because of the album 'Meat is Murder' )....and, of course, I had the haircut....'s a pic of my huge, gravity-defying quiff, taken in summer in George Square Glasgow in 1992. No sniggering at the back. (My mate from college Stovie took the photo. Nice bit of acne on the chin there, too. I'm sat on a bench beside our classmate Rod excellent cartoonist, I might add...!) Believe me, it took guts to look like this and I regularly got ridiculed, sneered at, chased and had missiles such as bricks and bottles lobbed at me when walking around my home town of Kirkintilloch from the local gangs of neds (or chavs / plebs, if you will), but, hey, I didn't care a bit. I was cool ( least I thought I was). I was a Morrissey fan. My 'look' was my badge of honour. I was going to be an artist. And at least I didn't look like the rest of the dullard plebs with their baseball caps and tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks.... I fought many a battle against the neds on the mean streets of Kirky.

Anyway back to Mozzer...over the years I've been to many of his concerts all over the country and beyond. Always a great night out. Special memories include being right down the front at the famous Glasgow Barrowlands, on the 'Your Arsenal' tour in December 1992 and getting several handshakes from the man himself across the barrier, before me, my mates and many other fans invaded the stage to take things further and go for the full on Moz-bearhug before leaping back into the pit! He was always such a great frontman. I also met him in Paris in the Pigalle district, the night before the live album 'Beethoven Was Deaf' was recorded at the Zenith Arena, in France, which me and my mates attended. We literally bumped into him walking down the street. We had a brief chat & handshakes & hugs before he got mobbed from dozens of other fans. He was an absolute gent! Glory days, folks, glory days....

Morrissey always seems to come in for a lot of stick from the critics over the years, and he tends to polarise opinions....either he is hated or adored in equal measure. He's certainly never-ever been boring and has always spoken his mind whether people like it or not. His interviews in magazines & websites are hilarious and sometimes controversial.  Over the years he has taken a pop at pretty much everyone and everything he despises: the Royal family, politicians, Prime Ministers, crap pop stars, DJ's, meat eaters, the Royal family, fur-wearers, child murderers, animal abusers, high court judges, soap stars, teachers, some ex-band mates, the Royal family, journalists, actors, footballers, Norfolk poultry farmers, the monarchy.....did I mention the Royal family...? Personally, I think he's great. He never tries to 'fit in' or be 'populist' in any way, shape or form. He remains true to himself. I really admire singers like Morrissey, John Lydon, Joe Strummer, Pete Shelley and Mark E Smith, who honestly don't give a flying feck about ruffling a few feathers or 'picking fights' with the so-called 'establishment'. I like people who have zero tolerance for bullshit. I applaud them.

Morrissey's totally original wit and style defined a generation. In 2010 I posted the caricature above on a Morrissey fansite. Only a handful of people posted that they liked it, many hated it and objected to me seemingly 'mocking' their idol and told me I should be ashamed of myself. I even received a couple of emailed death-threats. I kid you not! Such is the level of devotion and obsession of the mental, modern day teenage Morrissey fan....
By contrast, a caricature I did of British pop singer Leona Lewis turned up on one of her fan-sites....everyone posted comments that they loved it and and took it in the fun spirit of the way it was intended. No one threatened to kill me! There's the difference. Leona doesn't inpire such demented fan worship...which I understand!

Morrissey is a national treasure as far as I'm concerned. I remain a fan of the man. I probably always will....him and his music have been sandblasted into me like Catholic guilt. His music has been the soundtrack to a lot of my life. Although my fanaticism has faded over the years, I'm at an age now where I can't imagine me not listening to his music....
Speaking of which, I am currently sick to death of all the current Royal-Jubilee bollocks all over the media right now 'celebrating' the Queen of England. I have no time English Royal Family, as does Mr Morrissey ( he claimed they were 'worse than benefit- scroungers' in an interview last on, Moz!). I think this country would definitely improve if we spent money on more worthy causes (such as schools, hospitals, charities, etc,) instead of contributing our tax-payers money to their luxury, pampered lifestyles...Anyway, here's Morrissey doing 'The Queen Is Dead' in Hollywood, 2007. Enjoy! Thanks for reading and stay handsome!

Happy Birthday Morrissey! Come back to Scotland soon.

Monday, 14 May 2012

A Triumphant Truckfest! Part 2

Adventures at Truckfest in Peterborough, May 2012, continued.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to keep my body in peak physical condition. This can be hard to do, especially when I'm out on the road away from home drawing live at events, but you only have to look at me to see that I am dedicated to the cause. I like to think of my body as a 'high performance sports car' into which I ensure goes only the 'finest fuel' to maintain optimum performance physically and mentally. So, for day 2 at Truckfest, it was time for a quick 'Power Breakfast' to fully recharge my energy and concentration levels to the max and set myself up for the day......


Then it was back to the old easel in the marquee tent to draw more Truckfest visitors.....
(Click on any image to enlarge)


Oh yeah....I also saw loads of amazing trucks at Truckfest (funnily enough!). The festival site was massive with thousands of visitors and trucks as far as you could see. Due to work, I didn't get time to explore everywhere, but I was certainly impressed by some of the vehicles on display. Especially the ones with amazingly intricate airbrushed artwork all over them. Every truck had been polished to perfection and there was 'gleaming bodywork' everywhere. Here's a couple that caught my eye....

Whoops! Now how the heck did that photo end up on here.....!?

So that's all my pics from Truckfest 2012. Hope you enjoyed them. I know some of you reading this blog will be wondering where your pictures are....Well, I did take quite a few more pics of other people and kids that I caricatured, but unfortunately they didn't turn out. Annoyingly, several turned out blurry or with no flash....I'd like to blame the camera, but it's probably been my fault. Sorry! I don't really have the time to faff about trying to take the perfect picture when I'm working at an event, so I hope you'll understand!

I really enjoyed my time at Truckfest and met some great people. Once again it was a pleasure to draw for RTITB who looked after me incredibly well. Thanks a million to Ruth and team yet again!

If you don't mind me talking about my work for a sec, I was more than happy with how my 'live' caricatures turned out. Both at this event and at Birmingham last week. I stormed it! I had a fantastic selection of faces to draw from and was humbled by the amount of praise, laughter and compliments my work received. So many, many people told me they intended on framing and hanging the caricatures I drew for them when they got home. Others told me they would be going up on the walls in staff rooms in offices and workplaces, and many would be getting used for Facebook profile pictures....! All of this really made my day. It's the best feeling in the world when people get a buzz out of what I do. I am genuinely chuffed, so thanks a million to everyone and sincere thanks also for your kind permission to use the photos on this blog & my website. I'd love to do it all again next year....who knows..?

Stay classy, Peterborough.

Keep on truckin'! Ten-four, Good Buddies!

- Edd

A Triumphant Truckfest! Part 1


"Ten- Four, Rubber Duckie!"

So, yeah, recently I was asked by the kind folks at RTITB to attend Truckfest 2012 (down in Peterborough, England), to draw live caricatures of visitors to their company marquee tent....

I was 'performing' on a small stage, keeping the guests entertained over the bank holiday weekend. The company also hired a Hypnotist and Magician to help pull in the punters, and I took my breaks when those guys were on. Top flight entertainment for all the family!

When word got about that  "The one and only Edd Travers is here at Truckfest doing free caricatures!" (Cheers, Truckfest FM!) people came from far and wide, in their droves. Many came in truckloads. Here's the view from outside our marquee. That queue you see for me actually went on for 6 miles....
Some cynical people have suggested that the crowd you see here only came to watch the free Hypnosis and Magic shows, but,... erm... don't you believe a word of it. You can see from the poster on the A-board, that my caricatures were listed at the bottom of the entertainment bill, but I think that's obviously been an error, as I was the headline act. I must make sure someone gets sacked for that....
Anyway, I was alone at an event in England and wasn't going to be out done by some magic, mind-control freakery! I rolled up my sleeves, summoned 'the force' and got stuck into those faces....

(Click on any image to enlarge)


I will post more photos from the event very soon!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Edd's Heads: Robert Pattinson
Born on this day, 1987.
Him out of 'Twilight' and all that other gubbins...
My wife is a fan of the 'Twilight' books & movies. How immature is that, eh?! At her age!  I've already been told we are going to see the new 'Twilight' film that comes out this year, whether I like it or not. I told her that's fine as long as she comes to see the new 'Batman' with me..... And I get to wear my Batman costume, no arguments...  

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Off to Peterborough for TRUCKFEST 2012!

I'm on the road  this weekend once again!
I'll be drawing live caricatures on the spot of visitors to  TRUCKFEST.... celebrating it's 30th Anniversary in 2012! The event is being held at the East of England Showground, Alwalton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in England, PE2 6XE.
I will be there this coming Sunday the 6th and Monday the 7th of May (approx 10-4pm both days). I will be in the RTITB marquee tent. If you're going along, then why not pop in, say hi and get a free caricature from me!
There will be tons of family and fun activities going on over the weekend. Check the Truckfest website for more details. Hope to see you there!

Keep on truckin'!

Caricature Competition Winners!

Last month I celebrated 5 years in business with readers of this blog by a doing 2 free caricature giveaways.

The date of entries has now closed and so it's congratulations to Louise Thomson and Mark Hampshire who were first past the post with their entries.
Well done guys! You will have your free caricatures very soon. Thanks also for the proof that some people actually do read my blog!  Cheers!


Friday, 4 May 2012

Happy Birthday Chick Young!

Edd's Heads: Chick Young

Born on this day, (May the fourth be with you!) in 1951. This fellah is probably not really known outside of Scotland, but he's been a sports journalist and telly football pundit on our screens for years.....and has a great face for caricature!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Happy Birthday James Brown!

Edd's Heads: James Brown

Born on this day 1933; 'The Godfather of Soul'....'The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness'....'Soul Brother Number 1'...'Mr Dynamite'.....and the funkiest damn brother who ever walked the face of the earth.....ladies and gentlemen, Mr James Brown!!!

My missus (the lovely Irene) and me were lucky enough to attend his last ever concert in the UK which took place at the O2 Academy in Glasgow, Scotland on the 25th of October 2006. Despite his age, he still managed to put on an astounding, high-energy show with his super-tight funky band! It was a real pleasure to witness a true legend before he passed away. And he honestly had the brightest, whitest teeth I have ever seen in my life!  Rest in Peace, Godfather.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blistered Fingers in Birmingham Part 3

Third and final set of photos of my caricatures at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the Birmingham NEC, April 2012. Click on any picture for a closer look....










I hope you enjoyed those. I'd like to sincerely thank Ruth, Laura and colleagues from RTITB for hiring me for the event. I really enjoyed it and met some really friendly people in Birmingham. Thanks a million to everyone who kindly posed for photos and your permission to use the images on my blog & website. Thanks a lot also to everyone who gave me great feedback about my really was a pleasure! So, did I get to relax and put my feet up on my return home? Nope. I was hired to draw caricatures  for 3 hours at a 40th birthday in East Kilbride! All in a weeks work for a busy freelancer....!

If you'd like to hire me for your party or business event, please email:

Stay classy, Birmingham.