Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Up Yours, Trump!

Being Scottish myself; as well as a hater of all things Golf related and meglomaniacs-in-general, I loved this when I saw it, therefore have to share it with you....! 

QUEEN guitarist Brian May gave his blessing to a new version of Bohemian Rhapsody - sung by a Donald Trump 'Spitting Image' puppet. ('Spitting Image' - the satirical TV show -  was a massive influence on me when I was a young, budding, wannabe-caricaturist! Truly amazing caricatures.)

Anyway, the video, which has taken YouTube by storm, was made by campaigners who wanted to express their anger at Trump's controversial golf resort development on the Aberdeenshire coast in Scotland.

The Trump puppet, filmed against a background of beautiful, unspoiled coastal scenery, sings a brilliant parody of the Queen hit, boasting: "I'm just a rich kid, I'm no nonentity...."May, who gave permission for the song to be used within four hours of being asked, said he wanted to show his "disgust" at Trump's plans for the Menie estate. Go Brian!

Up yours, Trump! You don't own the world and money can't buy you everything. And golf sucks!

For more info visit: Tripping Up

Friday, 23 March 2012

We built a castle!

And now for something a bit different...! As a father of 2 young kids I am occasionally called upon to use my 'creative skills' to assist them to produce something 'craft related' for a school or nursery project. Being a big kid myself, I love getting involved with them and my missus is more than happy for me to do so (....until the messy piles of cardboard, glue, glitter, string, craft materials, etc.. threaten to swamp the house!)

Anyway, this week, our Tommy (aged 5) had to build a model castle (with parental help) for his medieval project at school. Here's what we came up with.... (click to enlarge)

We finished it last night just before Tommo's bedtime, hence his cool spotty jimmy-jams!

   Entirely made from cardboard and card, painted with acrylics and cut outs of Tommy as a knight and a dragon.

Side view.

Close up detail of the scary, fire-breathing dragon!

Close up detail of the wee man as a knight. Saltire on shield, naturally. ( FREEEEDOOOM!! )

We were both quite pleased with how it turned out and I have to say I really loved making it with him. Not bad going considering we did it all within 3 days! Tommy helped by choosing the colours, painting the walls and some colouring in. Great job Buddy! High 5!
Another bonus for me is that I think I've now earned a good few points on my 'Cool-Dad Clubcard' with the wee fella! Chuffed to be a Dad folks!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Edd's Heads: Lana Del Rey

(Click to enlarge, Baby.)

My new caricature of the doom-laden, american torch-singer. Hardly any caricatures at all of Ms Del Rey on the web, which I found surprising, considering she's now a massive star (with massive lips). I loved her singles but was disappointed with the album...there's some right cringe-worthy lyrics on some songs on there, but looking beyond the hype I still think she's pretty unique and hope she'll do better in future. Just sayin, like.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Edd's Heads: Sylvester Stallone Sketch

(Click to enlargi-mabobify)

"Yo! How'y doin'?"  Thought I'd have a go at Mr Stallone. I've been a fan of his, for as long as I can remember....soon as I saw the 'Rocky' films back in the eighties that was it for me. He was (and still is) a huge hero / icon to all us working class lads of my generation. A proper inspiration! Anyhoo....there's a cropped version of this on my website, but I thought I'd post both versions here...

It's basically a watercolour sketch with some added colour pencil. It's A3 in size and painted on heavyweight, toothy, water colour paper which I don't think I would go for again...I prefer smoother surfaces to work on. I enjoyed doing it however and I think it's always good to go through a different 'learning process' whenever you tackle a new face for caricature. The top image is a scan of a colour photocopy and the one below is a cropped in scan of the original artwork...still a bit strange though as none of the the images appear to have captured the colours accurately of the original artwork! What can y'do. Technology, eh? Anyway I hope to do some more water colour sketches like this in future, so say tuned amigos.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Wedding Season Begins!

(Click for enlarge-a-tron.)

So the wedding season has well and truly begun as far as I'm concerned!

The caricature above is one of many recent wedding gift commissions I've produced for people tying the knot this year. Also, this coming Friday I will be caricaturing guests for four hours at my first wedding booking of 2012 in Dunblane, Scotland.

I am also currently producing caricatures for couples who intend to use them on their wedding invites and stationary this year....some clients have approached me from as far afield as Ireland, Liverpool and Hungary, which I think is great to have people from other countries dig what I do!

Looking ahead to the summer months when the wedding season will be in full swing; July and August are looking particularly busy, and on more than one occasion I will have to draw at one reception in the afternoon, then hot foot it across town to draw at another wedding reception that same evening! Yikes! Not that I'm complaining...I love what I do for a living (though I might need a wee lie down when it's all over!).

 I've even had enquiries from people planning to get wed in 2013...fantastic! All in all it's already shaping up to be a busy year for me. Bring it on!

Thanks a million in advance to everyone who has booked my services this year!

NB: A tip for those who are considering hiring me to draw at their wedding me as soon as possible to secure my availability for your special day, and if you are after a wedding gift caricature / stationary again please contact me well in advance of when you need the artwork for to avoid disappointment! 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Edd's Heads: 'Dame' David Walliams

(Click to enlargification-ify)

New pencil sketch of  'Little Britain' star; childrens' book author, housewives favourite, dog rescuer and sub-aquatic-charity-marathon swimmer, the prestigious David Walliams. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Edd's Heads: Robert Webb

(Click to enlargify...)

Thought I'd share this new caricature with you which I drew half of comedy duo 'Mitchell and Webb'. I really like these guys....'Peep Show' rules! I'm hoping to post lots more famous faces caricatured over the coming months, so stay tuned. Till next time, "That's Numberwang!"

PS. Happy St David's Day y'all!