Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gift Caricatures By Edd

A few more commissions to share with you....

Gifts for a 50th birthday, a 21st birthday, a Christmas present and a family group caricature used for a prayer card. Y'see.....?! Caricatures make ideal presents and personalised greeting cards for any special occasion or event.....especially for MOTHER'S DAY, which, don't forget is on March 18th next month! So this year, don't bother with the rubbish flowers, slippers, chocolates or the Michael Buble cd....I know that your mother REALLY wants me to immortalise her unique features with her very own personalised caricature! I'm always kind to 'the mammas', so go on, commission yours today! Email me here.

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....and by the way, when was the last time you called or visited her, eh, hmmm....?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Come Dine With Me!

Bonjour tout le monde!
This month I had the pleasure of drawing caricatures at a charity 'Come Dine With Me' event in a farmhouse kitchen in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The evening I attended was a French themed party, so I was required to dress up as a 'traditional French artist' to bring a bit of spirit of the Monmarte to the proceedings! I really enjoyed drawing such a fun crowd and who knows, I may even keep the outfit for future events....!

(Click to enlarge)

Oooh la-la...!!


...foux du fafa....


...Tres bien!


....erm.....French adjective!
'...spirit of Monmarte' or resurrecting the 'spirit of Frank Spencer??'
You decide....!

Thanks a million for using my services, Laure. I hope you won!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day! all you 'lovers in love' out there! And if you're a 'sexy singleton' with your eye on someone special, what are you waiting for?! You could get hit by a bus tomorrow, so what y'got to lose?!  Tell 'em today before it's too late! Incidentally, before I receive a deluge of emails from all my ardent admirers (kidding, of course!) I must inform you all that I am happily attached. Sorry! I know, I know, it's a shame but please dry your eyes and take your places back behind the velvet rope please ladies...Hey, we can still be Blog Buddies! Speaking of which, here's a few recent 'live style' gift caricatures....
(Click to enlarge)

I received the following email about the last pic above:

It's perfect, I LOVE IT!!! You are a genius!! thank you sooooooooooo much! cant believe how much it looks like us.. I am so chuffed... i shall promote you to everyone!
Mega happy Edd, it's outstanding!
Anything I can do to promote you, I will..
..and if i ever get hitched, you're DEFO getting booked for the wedding!
Thanks again, Can't describe how happy I am with it, it's sensational.. well done!
Absolutely fantastic! Mucho Appreciato to you dude.. you're a star!"
From Jo Simpson
Flabbergasting feedback eh? Getting awesome comments like this truly makes my day and puts a BIG smile on my face! I am always genuinely delighted when someone digs what I do and are kind enough to tell me. I always try to aim to please whenever someone commissions a caricature from me and I consider myself very fortunate to have the privilege of doing what I do for a living. I love my job!
I also really love drawing gift caricatures for people in my 'Live Style'....i.e, simple, 'head and shoulders' only (no bodies, props, visual gags, etc) as they are fun and quick to do. All humour and exaggerations come from simply observing and drawing the persons' features, so they are basic caricatures in a very pure and simple form. Sometimes the simplest approach to drawing a caricature brings the strongest results.
And; as you'll have noted from Jo's comments above, simply nailing a great comic likeness in this way certainly makes for a funny, unique and personal caricature gift for someone special!
If you'd like to commission a gift caricature, please email me at
More new stuff coming soon....! (Kiss, kiss, hug, hug!)   

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Couple of recent Commissions...

A gift caricature for a retiring FIFA & SFA referee and a gift for a Magician and Son...

Caricatures make great gifts for any special occasion or event. Commission yours today and email me at :  or if you'd like more info right now, check out my website.


"Who Ya Gonna Call....?"

A bit 'off-topic' this, but I had to share the extraordinary story on the front page of my local paper this week from The Kirky Herald:

Apparently the house is haunted by a 'rampaging ghost' who regularly terrifies the occupants by slamming doors and chucking shoes and objects about the house. (...and I thought my kids were bad...!) The residents have had to call in priests and spritualists to help, but so far nothing has worked and the anti-social spirit continues to be a complete bam.
Do you believe in ghosts? I try to keep an open mind. I'm not sure about ghosts, but I've certainly seen some 'walking dead zombies' around the town....(Or 'junkies' if you will) And before anyone wants to lob a brick at my head, I live in Kirky, therefore am allowed to say that!

Stay classy Kirky...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Gift Caricatures drawn in my 'Live Style'

Last year I was hired to draw live, on the spot caricatures of guests at a wedding reception in Gretna Green, Scotland. It was a four hour booking and I was kept really busy from start to finish. My work was very popular on the night and it was a pleasure to draw such a fun, friendly crowd! Recently, the newly weds contacted me with a bunch of photos of guests who were still keen for me to draw them as they never managed to get captured on the night. They wanted the caricatures to be drawn in my simple, 'head and shoulders', black and white, 'live style'. Here's the results...

(Click to enlarge)....the newly weds were delighted with my work (high 5's to Kelly and Nole!!).

As well as full colour, full-bodied caricatures of people with visual 'props', etc; I also can be commissioned to draw simple 'live style' caricatures of your family, friends and colleagues. Prices from £25 for a single head drawing. Unique, fun gifts for any special occasion! More info on my website or you can email me at:

 Lot's more of these to produce with Valentine's day fast approaching.....Yikes! If you'd like to commission yours, get in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wedding Invitation Caricature

Here's a recent commission from a fun couple who wanted to personalise their wedding invite cards with a caricature of themselves.....(Click to enlarge)

Apparently the Groom-to-be popped the question whilst on holiday in Barbados, therefore they wanted a 'beach-theme' for their artwork.The couple were delighted with what I produced and described my work as "Fantastic!".  Cheers guys!

If you are getting married this year, then why not personalise your wedding stationary with a unique, fun, memorable caricature of you both? Caricatures also make ideal presents for any happy couple....married or not!

If you'd like to find out more please email me:

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

Let's kick things off with a Youtube clip I created fairly recently.
Caricatures of famous faces and pics from my first solo exhibition of artwork from 2010. Just tryin' to hook you into the sort of work I do...!


The Edd Blog is go! Okay, here it is.....! What do I know about blogging? Not a great deal as it goes, but I shall endeavour to post regular sketches and photos from events, etc as they happen. If you don't know me, I am a self employed caricaturist / cartoonist / illustrator from Glasgow in Scotland. My main work is drawing caricatures at events all over the country and also producing gift caricatures drawn from photographs. Check out my website if you'd like to see my work or know more:
I enjoy my work immensely and I am told often that others do too.

Stick around....this might get interesting!

Thanks for stopping by.